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Boardrooms, Screens, and Puzzles Pixels Fun Unveils the Art of Financial Mastery!

Pixels Fun Where Financial Wisdom Meets Entertainment – DVDs, Games, Puzzles.

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At Pixels Fun, we believe that financial education should be engaging, enlightening, and entertaining. Established with a passion for making the complex world of finance accessible to everyone, we bring you a unique blend of education and entertainment through our Financial Documentaries (on DVD), Financial Board Games, and Financial Puzzles.

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“Pixels Fun transformed my view of finance! The documentaries are not just informative but captivating. The board games and puzzles make learning an interactive delight. Thanks to Pixels Fun, finance is no longer a mystery but a thrilling adventure.”


“As a family, we’ve never had so much fun learning about money! Pixels Fun’s board games have become a weekend favorite, and the puzzles keep us entertained for hours. It’s refreshing to see financial education brought to life in such a creative and enjoyable way.”


“Pixels Fun goes beyond the ordinary. The financial documentaries are a goldmine of knowledge, breaking down complex concepts into digestible stories. The board games are a hit at game night, and the puzzles are the perfect brain teaser. Highly recommend for anyone looking to make finance fun and accessible!”