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4D Cityscape Shanghai, China Time Puzzle

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Discover the vibrant and dynamic city of Shanghai, China with the 4D Cityscape Time Puzzle. This unique and educational puzzle allows you to recreate the famous skyline of Shanghai using 132 individual pieces. Assemble the puzzle according to the historical timeline of the city, starting from the past and progressing to the present.

The 4D Cityscape Shanghai, China Time Puzzle comes with a time poster that guides you through the city’s architectural transformation over the years. This engaging activity provides an immersive learning experience, allowing you to explore the city’s rich history and iconic landmarks.

Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast, history buff, or simply a fan of Shanghai, this 4D Cityscape Time Puzzle is a fantastic addition to your collection. Perfect for solo or group activities, this puzzle is suitable for anyone aged 8 and above. Bring the bustling streets of Shanghai to life in the comfort of your own home with this captivating and visually stunning puzzle.,


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